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How Much Do Maltese Cost; Everything You Should Know - Fumi Pets

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The Maltese, a beautiful dog with a long, white, flowing coat, a brilliant black snout, and dark-rimmed eyes, has been around since at least 1500 B.C.

The Maltese are considered to be one of the gentlest and least frightened of the little breeds, with regal look and carriage yet lively, alert, and loving temperament.

Maltese dogs, which weigh less than 7 pounds and stand between 7 and 9 inches tall at the shoulder, have long been popular lapdogs.

These energetic canines are capable of more than just lying about all day. They have a lot of life and energy, as well as a high IQ and a fun-loving personality.

What is the price of a Maltese?  

While low-quality breeders may charge as little as $600, you should expect to spend about $2,500 for a male and more than $3,000 for a female for a quality pet Maltese. Show-quality dogs, as well as those with breeding rights, may cost upwards of $4,000.

Many people are surprised to learn how much a dog of this size may cost when they first learn about it.

Are they really so valuable? Owners and admirers of the Maltese breed definitely believe so.

Continue reading to learn about the reasons that contribute to the high costs, how to spot a good breeder while avoiding bad ones, and where to search for the finest breeders in your area or a rescued Maltese for adoption.

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Actual Maltese Prices

Before you arrange a visit, it’s usually good to have a basic sense of what breeders charge.

Here are some real-world Maltese puppy pricing from genuine breeders. Please keep in mind that the rates mentioned are exclusively for pet-quality pups.

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What Factors Influence Maltese Dog Prices?

As you can see, Maltese dogs are not inexpensive if you buy them from a respectable breeder that follows the American Maltese Association’s breeder’s standards and tries to produce only pups that meet the breed standard.

Of course, if you do a little research, you can definitely locate Maltese pups for less money, but would you be compromising quality? Most certainly, yes.

Is it more likely that you’ll develop a variety of health and/or temperamental problems? Yes.

Is it worthwhile to get a puppy at a low price? No, not in most cases.

Keep in mind that the puppy’s buying price is just a portion of the overall expense of taking a puppy home.

You’ll obviously need food and water bowls, a tiny cage, and a comfortable bed, but you’ll also need the following items:

  • Collar and leash
  • Puppy food
  • Training treats
  • Grooming tools
  • Toys
  • Tear stain remover

Owners are often overjoyed at the prospect of bringing their new puppy home that they neglect to gather all of the necessary items.

Now that you’re aware of all the costs associated with bringing a puppy home, let’s look at why these small dogs are so expensive.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons that contribute to the high cost of Maltese pups.

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Pet Or Show Quality

Because the majority of Maltese dogs are marketed as pets, they will only have restricted registration.

Limited registration is granted to pups that aren’t quite breeding grade, and it implies that although the puppy is registered, any offspring produced are not.

Limited registration dogs are not allowed to compete in breed conformation competitions, but they are allowed to compete in agility and obedience.

You’ll need a Maltese with complete registration if you want to participate in dog conformation exhibitions or breeding programmes.

Puppies with complete registration, as you would expect, will be more expensive.

A show-quality Maltese may cost anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000 (or more).


A dog’s pedigree is essentially a record of his family tree, which contains details like registration numbers and show ring championships.

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Puppies from champion bloodlines, with numerous forebears who have won a lot of money, are usually more costly.

Be aware that a puppy without a long list of show titles in his pedigree isn’t always of lower quality.

It may simply mean that the breeder is more concerned with his or her breeding programme than with making regular appearances at shows.

Maltese Breed Information: History, Health, Pictures, and more

Breeder’s Reputation and Experience

A Maltese breeder with a sterling reputation who focuses not only on maintaining breed standards and producing robust puppies with excellent conformation but also on improving the breed by working diligently to eliminate genetic health issues will be justified in charging more for the puppies.

Remember that when you purchase from a reputable breeder, you are enjoying the benefits of the breeder’s time, effort, and experience.

The higher price tag is usually justified.

If at all feasible, contact some of the breeder’s former customers to inquire about their entire experience and happiness with both the breeder and the puppy they bought.

Males Versus Females

Male Maltese pups are often less costly than their female counterparts, as you’ll soon find. This is due to two factors.

The first reason is that more individuals are interested in buying female dogs, perhaps to avoid dealing with the marking and mounting behaviour that mature male dogs are prone to.

Second, Maltese litters typically have only two to five puppies, with little boys outnumbering their sisters.

The breeder may retain one of the females for future breeding, resulting in a large number of male puppies for sale but only one or two females.

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What Should You Look For In A Good Maltese Breeder?

In every aspect, quality breeders should be pleasant and professional.

They’ll nurture the pups inside with their family, and the socialisation process will have already started.

Some breeders go it a step further and start training their puppies where to (and where not to) go pee.

Breeders of excellent quality will keep their premises clean and odour-free, and will happily introduce you to the litter’s parents if both are present.

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Breeders of high quality will have a name that precedes them.

They will be willing to spend time with you in order to educate you about the Maltese breed and to answer any questions you may have.

They should also ask you questions to see whether a Maltese is a good fit for your lifestyle.

Responsible breeders will have documentation from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) certifying that the parent dogs are free of cardiac disorders, patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, Von Willebrand’s disease, and other hereditary conditions.

Quality breeders will be members of the American Maltese Association in good standing, and their pups will be sent home with a certificate of health from a qualified veterinarian and a signed contract to protect the breeder, buyer, and puppy.

Be On The Lookout For These Common Red Flags

It’s generally advisable to avoid breeders that charge ridiculously cheap rates and refuse to let you visit their house where the pups are reared.

Other red signs to keep an eye out for are:

  • A general lack of sanitation.
  • There are dogs that are unfriendly or aggressive.
  • Dogs and pups seem to be malnourished or neglected.
  • There was no documentation for the transaction and no contract to sign outlining the buyer’s obligations.
  • Reluctance to disclose genetic and health test findings or lack of testing by the breeder.

If any of the aforementioned criteria are present, walk away from the transaction and seek out a higher-quality breeder.

Purchasing a puppy from a breeder that does not prioritise the health and well-being of the pups would simply encourage the breeder to continue with his unethical methods.

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Where Can I Find Trustworthy Maltese Breeders?

The American Maltese Association maintains a database of reputable Maltese breeders, which is a good place to start your search.

The Marketplace of the American Kennel Club offers available Maltese litters from AKC-registered parents.

You may also look for breeder recommendations on PuppySpot or social media like Facebook.

Maltese - Price, Temperament, Life span

Looking To Adopt A Maltese?

The American Maltese Association is a non-profit rescue organisation devoted to finding loving, permanent homes for Maltese who have been neglected, mistreated, or abandoned.

A list of Maltese rescues sorted by area may be found on Maltese Maniac.

Other places to look for Maltese dogs available for adoption include:

  • Petfinder.
  • Southern Comfort Maltese Rescue.


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