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A baby monkey has an allure that is difficult to resist. Many young monkeys, such as capuchins, seem to be as adorable and defenceless as human babies. Those lovely infants, on the other hand, grow up to be tough adult monkeys that do not make excellent pets.

The Challenges of Raising a Monkey

Having a monkey as a pet is unlike caring for most other pets. A well-cared-for monkey may live anywhere from 20 to 40 years, and it will need your whole dedication throughout its existence. Monkeys do not develop and mature in the same way as human children do. In essence, they are perpetual toddlers.

Pet monkeys may not get along with new people in your life, such as wives and children, and they may make trips difficult. Furthermore, finding a new home for a pet monkey is very difficult and stressful for the monkey.

In addition, a monkey requires a lot of social contact. When a pet monkey is deprived of your time and attention, it is more prone to develop not just serious behavioural difficulties like screaming and biting, but also psychological disorders that may be difficult to resolve.

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Legal Concerns

It’s possible that keeping primates as pets, such as monkeys, is prohibited where you reside. Even though owning a monkey is allowed, permissions may be needed. Home inspections are sometimes conducted on permit holders to verify that appropriate facilities and care are being given.

Furthermore, homeowner plans may need extra liability coverage, and some insurance companies may refuse to renew your policy if they discover you have a monkey. However, if your monkey bites someone, you will be in danger if you do not have insurance.

Medical Concerns

Monkeys and humans may spread a broad variety of illnesses. (These are known as zoonotic illnesses, and they may be deadly.) However, finding a veterinarian who is capable and willing to treat a primate in your area may be difficult.

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Moreover, keeping a caged monkey healthy may be challenging. Monkeys, for example, often need specific meals that may be costly and time-consuming to produce. Due to the terrible nutrition many owners give their pet monkeys, diabetes is prevalent. This is only one illness that you and your veterinarian must keep an eye on.

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Behavioural issues

A cuddly, reliant young monkey will ultimately mature into the wild beast it was born to be. Raising a monkey in a human environment will not alter its wild character, and pet monkeys will never be fully tamed. Depriving a pet monkey of regular social interactions with other monkeys may really cause behavioural issues and neuroses.

Monkeys kept as pets have a proclivity towards biting (and they have 32 teeth to deliver these nasty bites). Some monkeys are kind, while others are violent. Even the most peaceful monkeys, however, are unpredictable and may become violent against anybody, even those closest to them, particularly during and after puberty.

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Housing Pet Monkeys

Monkeys need a big, safe cage, which may be costly to build. If at all feasible, they should spend time outside. They must also be supplied with a diverse range of constantly changing toys and workout equipment to keep them engaged; otherwise, boredom will set in. Certain kinds of cages are required by certain jurisdictions in order to meet permit requirements, but you should always have a location to secure your monkey to keep it and the public safe.

Furthermore, monkeys are not hygienic. Most people are unable to successfully potty train their children. Many young monkeys can be diapered or at least partially toilet trained, but this skill is often lost by the time they reach adulthood. Furthermore, they may indulge in odious acts involving their own excrement and urine (such as throwing it and painting with it). Apart from the toileting disasters, pet monkeys may also be quite mischievous and destructive, particularly when bored.

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Monkeys are not excellent pets in general. Yes, some may be really sweet for a short period of time. Monkeys, however, are capable of inflicting too much damage and need much too much care and attention to flourish in a human home. When it comes to apes, these concerns are just as significant (chimpanzees, orangutans, and gibbons). In a nutshell, nonhuman primates and humans make terrible companions.


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